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Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Application-based Training

Upward Momentum has its roots in customization, configuration and training solutions centered around Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Chuck Nealis has been involved in Microsoft CRM as a configurator, customizer, and training resource developer (as well as trainer) since Microsoft CRM version 1.0. Realizing the importance of creating a glue to bind the user to using the application, Chuck learned how the business and workflow processes affected each CRM role, and began building training materials accordingly.

While Upward Momentum has now expanded to provide soft skills; functional, leadership and personal skills, we still welcome Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint training projects. Whether they are full lifecycle eLearning and even customization/ configuration projects... or only creating job aids or participant guides, no job is too large or too small. Below you will see some Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM training solutions that we have provided others.


MB2-631 MS CRM 4.0 Customization & Configuration
MB2-632 MS CRM 4.0 Applications
MB2-633 MS CRM 4.0 Installation & Deployment


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